Visit the Venice Museum Virtually!

The Venice Museum and Archives now has a catalog of holdings for four significant collections available online at or from the City of Venice web site Using PastPerfect software, a database manager designed especially for museums and archives, the staff has completed the cataloging for items in its objects, library, photos, archives, and street address collections.

The photos catalog contains records for more than 2,000 photographs, with more to be added in the near future. The Museum has photographs spanning from the 1800s to the present and representing activities, people and places throughout the Venice area.

The street address collection consists of 576 street addresses in Venice, Laurel, Nokomis and Osprey, including records for properties within the four historic districts and those listed on the National Register of Historic Properties and the City of Venice Local Register. Photographs are available for most of the properties.

The library catalog lists the books and other publications contained in the Musuem and each record includes a detailed description and summary of the contents.

The Museum has many fascinating artifacts and manuscript collections which will be added to the PastPerfect catalog to make it even more useful to the researcher. The catalog is very easy to search, using your choice of keyword or field search. The click-and-search feature gives a list of available terms within a field name. Have fun! (Hint: try searching for "elephants" in the title field.)

For more information, contact Director Historical Resources James Hagler at (941) 486-2487.

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